Monday, November 23, 2015

Smartphone is everything you need!!

Wow, what a beautiful morning! Today I have to attend my friend Neha's marriage, but where is my phone? Oh my god, mom where is my phone? Ah! Here it is :-)!  Let me check what everybody is planning for today's party. Oh damn! Battery low, phone switched off!! Dear charger where are you? There it is! Finally, I get it. Oh god! Who has broken my charger pin? Shit! Now how will I charge my phone? Oh god what will I do now? 

  Sketch by me

"Smartphone on, life is on
 Smartphone off, life is off"

Life is like a hell now. How will I see the status of my friends. Who will going to tell me about today's party plans? Oh god, please help me. That Priya will not going to tell me the color of her sari which she will wear today. I know she is very jealous by nature. I have forgotten about Rahul, how he will inform me about his relationship status? Is he single or committed? How will I prepare for my party? 

                                                         Sketch by me

"Jiye to Jiye Kaise Bin Phone ke Lagta Nahi dil Kahi Bin Phone ke...... :-( "

All this drama my sister was watching and she came to help me out of this situation. Then she told me to use her phone and after looking at her phone, OMG what I saw, her phone has 4G, it was a big surprise for me, that was the happiest moment of my life. Then I thought how stupid I am and still  I am using 3G  phone and my sister having micromax 4G phone. My sister told me about her phone details and four "F's" came out of my mouth:-
"Fantastic, Fabulous, Fast, Full Paisa vasul"

The phone has great combination of octacore processor and faster internet to enjoy browsing speed like 4G. Having upload speed upto 50mbps & download speed upto 150mbps. Oops! it attracted me too much that I forgot about my. I informed my friends through 
with my sister super duper smartphone. After a few minutes my brother came with new charger  for me and he was feeling sorry for breaking my charger pin. I charged my phone and get ready for party and reached there on time. Everyone was capturing selfies and so did I, suddenly I saw some of the girls were uploading their pics on social networking sites so why not me. 

                                                     Sketch by me

I started uploading my selfies and images on my phone taking too long to upload and in same my friends started getting comments and likes in their pictures. The party was going to complete,dinner was over but my image was stuck somewhere and still was not uploaded. I told Rahul that " Kuch to gadbad hai yar my 3G was not working here" and he start kidding me that no gadbad dear, I have 4G dear and started laughing and me too get smile. When I reached home, I had insisted my father to let me buy a Micromax phone with 4G. Now I have micromax phone my life is fully fantastic with it+-9.

"Twinkle Twinkle New Shining Star,
No Need To Worry I have Micromax Yaar."
Sketch by me 

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