Sunday, October 25, 2015

Smooth and Shiny Hair at Home

Everyone of us wants to have silky, shiny hair. Shiny hair means healthy hair. Caring your hair is an important role to get shiny hair. When your skin glows, you look beautiful similarly when your hair looks shiny and smooth, it looks healthier and best. It is not a tough work to care your hair, proper oiling, cleaning, hot towel treatment can do wonders for your hair. No need of chemicals,flat iron or blow dry to make your hair noticeable, just follow these simple tips which can be performed easily at home to get shiny hair. You can follow my hair care routine and get smooth& shiny hair at home.

My hair care routine:
Ingredients :

Coconut oil, curry leaves, towel, hair brush.

Procedure to make your Hair tonic:

Take proper quantity of coconut oil in bowl according to your hair length and volume, add some curry leaves in it. Put this bowl on the flame and boil it till curry leaves turned black in color. Now keep it aside, till it come to room temperature. 
How to apply this Hair tonic:

Brush your hair properly. Apply this oil to your hair from roots to ends of hair. Massage this oil into your scalp using your fingertips. You can cover your hair with hot towel and wash after 1 hour. But I keep this oil treatment sit overnight and wash next day with my favorite shampoo and never forget to condition my hair. I keep this hair oil treatment for overnight and next day before going for bath I used to wrap my hair with hot towel for 10 mins and than I wash my hair with shampoo and apply conditioner. One thing I used to do with my  damp hair is to comb with wide tooth comb for nice straight hair and shiny hair to get heat less straight hair.
Benefits of using Coconut oil and curry leaves combination:

1)Coconut oil and curry leaves act as great combination for hair growth.
2)This oil is a home remedy for hair loss problem.
3) It helps to treat premature hair greying.
4)It helps to get rid of dry hair and make your hair smooth and shiny.
5)Curry leaves act as a hair revitalizer.
6)Coconut oil and curry leaves makes a good combination to darken your grey hair.
7)Your hair become manageable after using curry leaves in your hair care routine.
8) Coconut oil helps in straightening your hair naturally.
9)Coconut oil and curry leaves helps to fight dandruff and make your scalp healthy.
10) Coconut oil prevents hair breakage and split ends.

            My hair before and after this treament:               

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