Monday, November 30, 2015

Pamper baby

One of the most important and happiest part of our life is when a newborn baby comes into our life. Babies are the most beautiful gift of god that completes the whole family. No one can imagine their life without having their own child. A family is considered to be incomplete without children. When  a newborn comes into our life, a new life, a new beginning of all things comes into the existence and our family becomes complete with this new member. Children are the future of mankind and they bring hope and dreams in the life of their parents. 

Why I am telling all these things? Am I a Mother? Or expecting baby? No, nothing like this! I am still single and not even married yet! I am writing this article because my sister will soon going to have baby in few months and my whole family is planning for the baby. I am very happy and waiting for my sister's child. You know why everyone become so happy when a newborn comes into our life because this small kid builts his/her relation with each and everyone of us in the mother's womb. After getting news from my sister, I started searching online for all stuffs related to the baby and his care and started informing my sister for all extra care she will going to have during pregnancy and after giving birth to a child. Yesterday, my sister was talking to us on Skype, and suddenly she asked to mom, "mamma, how you used to care us when we were born? How you had managed to make our skin soft and healthy when we were babies? And my mother shared her experience with her. 
When it comes to baby care, people find it more difficult than UPSC examzz  :-((. I am just kidding! :-) It's not about difficulty, it's about how we will manage that situation. Here are some tips which my mother has suggested my sister for her baby care,which you will find it useful for your babies:

5 Important Tips:

  • Proper massage at right time: Many of us didn't know about the right time of massaging your baby. Mothers used to massage their babies before bath and some other after bath. Which is the right/perfect time of massage between this two methods? Don't know? I will clear your doubts. My mother used to massage our skin after bath and she had give me a solid reason behind this method. She told me that after bath,  baby's skin is well hydrated and if you will massage at this time than your baby skin will easily absorb the moisturizing contents of baby lotion and will last for long time.

  • Right choice of clothing: Your baby skin is very soft and sensitive, so it is advised to use very soft and baby friendly fabrics for your baby to protect his skin from any irritation.

  • Avoid direct exposure of sun: Use soft caps or hats for your babies whenever you are taking your baby outside and also full sleeve pants and shirts to protect their skin from direct exposure of sun light. You can use baby sunscreen to ensure their skin is safe in sun exposure.

  • Use Baby friendly products: Use products free from harsh chemicals to protect your baby from any infection and irritation.

  • Proper Diapering: Diapers play an important role baby's health and cleanliness. When your baby will born, he/she will need diaper many times per day. Starting weeks of your baby is simply feeding and pooping and crying to express his emotions. Parents will spend most of their time in changing the diaper of their babies and it is important for every parent to take care of your baby skin during diapering. So choosing best diaper is not so difficult task. You can choose diaper which will keep our baby skin dry and comfortable without any diaper rash. 

After searching online I find the best diapers for my sister's coming baby and suggested her to buy these diapers for her baby. These are the diapers from pampers with superb quality and 100% safe for your babies. One of my friend is also using these diapers for her baby and after using it, she is not ready to try any other brand. As its absorbing formula and super comfort make your baby play and sleep happily. 

Pampers designed  specially for babies:
Diapers are soft, baby friendly and easy to use. It will make your baby comfortable during his sleep and play time.

Super Absorbent gel: Absorbent gel formula makes pampers diaper free from wetness and your baby skin will remain soft and dry. It locks the liquid to stay away from baby soft skin and make your baby smooth and drier.

Gel safe for your babies skin: Pampers conducts tests to proven the safety of absorbent gel and safety of this gel is proven in more than 400 consumer safety tests.

Colors of diapers are safe for your babies: Pampers use pigments for diaper colors. they didn't use dyes which are harmful for your babies. These pigments are safe and non-allergic and commonly used in consumer products.

“Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”

Things to remember:-
  • Difference between baby skin & adult skin: The most important thing you should know about your baby is to understand the difference between your skin and your baby skin. Baby skin is more sensitive than yours and constantly developing and much more different than your skin. It needs extra care and protection to make it soft and healthy.
  • Actual meaning of healthy skin: Healthy skin means properly moisturized skin free from infections and others bacteria.
  • Take care of hydration: Baby's skin become dry very easily so it is important to maintain the moisturizing level of your baby with proper care to protect his skin from dryness.
  • Avoid bathing your baby frequently: Baby's have delicate skin and bathing them each day will make their skin dry. So protect their skin from dryness by bathing after a gap of 2,3 days.
  • Stay away from harsh chemicals: It is better to use home remedies to maintain the softness of baby skin instead of using too much chemical.
  • Apply lotion in small area: Whenever you are applying any lotion to your baby, just test it on smaller area to prevent his skin from any irritation. If lotion suits your baby skin, than apply it all over.
Remember these small things in your mind and enjoy each and every moment with your cute little baby. Stay Happy & Healthy!

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