Thursday, December 17, 2015

Say BYE BYE To Dry Skin This Winter

Winter is the most beautiful season, if you take care of your whole body and enjoy this season with your healthy lifestyle. It is the time to enjoy holiday with your family and friends. But many of us didn't like this season as it is the coldest season and our skin,hair,lips everything becomes extremely dry and we don't understand how to handle this situation. Which lotion to be applied at this season to get soft and glowing skin for hours. Let me tell you something interesting which I am applying this winter and found great results on my body. Are you fed up of applying body lotion and moisturizing cream after every hour and still have dry skin with no glow? Here is one thing that will replace your most expensive body lotion, and use it in your daily skin care routine and see the difference in first application, i.e Baby oil. Yes, you heard right, it is baby oil that will make your skin soft and smooth this winter without applying too many times. Use this baby oil in different ways and get the best results for your skin.

Depending upon the type of your skin, use baby oil in following ways for soft and supple skin:

  • Moisturizing agent: Moisturize your skin after shower by applying baby oil as a body lotion. You can apply this oil on every part of your body from head to toe for really smooth skin in this winter.

  • Use as a cream/body lotion: You can mix baby oil with your moisturizing cream or body lotion and see the difference after applying on dry, patchy skin.

  • Smooth Shower:Mix some few drops of baby oil into your bath and enjoy the smooth & silky skin.

  • Warming effect in winter: Before going to bed, massage your body with baby oil before wearing cloths. This oil will keep your body warm during winter coldest nights.

  • Heal cracked heels: Apply baby oil on your cracked heels and wear socks before going to bed.

  • Heal dry lips: You can also massage your lips with baby oil to keep them soft in winter chilly weather.

  • Relax your body: You can massage baby oil before going to shower as it will relax your body and you will feel stress free and happy.

  • Remove makeup: Add few drops of baby oil on cotton balls and remove your makeup. Wash your face and apply your favorite moisturizer. Baby oil will remove your makeup without harming your skin.

  • Baby oil as a shaving cream: Wash your shaving area with warm water, to open the pores and it will soften your hairs. Now apply baby oil on shaving area and shave with your favorite razor and men can apply baby oil after shaving their beard to get soft skin without razor burns.

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