Monday, April 13, 2015

Dil ka Connection

Having a sister is like having a best friend because you know that she will be with you forever in every step of your life like my sister- "Silku Di"

She is the person who is always there for me when nobody was there with me. I remember that day when I was requesting my father to please allow me to go out of the city for further studies and he was not in that favor. 

Those days when I lived in a hostel and my sister used to send her whole salary to me just for my daily expenses. She even not take a single rupee for herself. There is no situation in my life when my sister is not there with me. It was the hardest time of my life when my father was at the border as he is an army person and I have to submit my college fees. At that time I felt that my whole year will get lost if I will not able to submit my fees on time. My father was not able to contact with us and send us money. No relatives, neither friends are there with me to help me out of this situation. 
It was the coldest night of December, I was lying on my bed and praying to god to do something magical that somebody come and pay my fees.

The next day I went to college with head down and sad face to tell my class teacher that I will not able to pay my fees for exam. As I entered my class teacher's room, she said, "why are you  here Priyanka go and study, you are a brilliant student don't waste your time". I was little confused that why she was saying like that as I have not submitted my fees yet, then she said, "Oh, I forget to tell you that your sister has submitted your fees. I was totally shocked, how this will happen? From where she gets the money. I ran to reach my home. I asked  my mom from where did she get the money. Then my mother  told me that she has sold  her gold chain to get money for your college fees. 

My eyes filled with tears and my heart filled with more respect & love for my dear sister. My  heart was telling me that it is the time  to do something  for my sister. I followed my heart, listened its every beat and take a plunge to buy that gold chain back for my sister. But my graduation was not completed so it was impossible for me to earn money. As everybody knows nothing is impossible in our life. I started searching on Google for online jobs, part time work etc. But one day my eldest sister told me about blogging. I started blogging, after one year of struggle I got my first prize from blogging contest  and with that money I bought the gold chain for sister. It was my sister's birthday, the day I was waiting to gift my sister that precious gift which she has sacrificed for me. I was waiting for her to come from school as she is teacher in school. She came home at 2.30pm and we had a lunch together. After lunch, my sister went to her room to rest and lay on her bed. I was watching everything. Suddenly she said,''what is hurting my head, is that something under my pillow". She picked up her pillow and what she saw? There was a gift placed under her pillow. She opened it up with so much excitement. 

She was filled with joy after opening that gift. I hugged her before she says something. I thanked her for loving me so much.  My sister was so much happy that I never forget that smile on her face. That moment was the most memorable part of my life.  

Only my heart knows that feeling which I felt that time. This was possible only because of my heart. My heart told me to do this, listening to your is one of the best thing in this world. Because only your heart knows that what you truly want in your life.

 My sister wearing my gifted chain.

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