Saturday, April 18, 2015

5 superheroes and the brands they should endorse

"First impression is the last impression." These words are the most important in the terms of advertisement because if they don't catch your eyes and attention, they are considered as failure. Advertisements is an unavoidable part of us, it cannot be ignored by anyone. They are all around us. We come across the different types of advertisement in our daily lives whether we watch TV or read newspapers or listen radio,they are everywhere. Ad companies use different Bollywood celebrities to perform in their ads because they are more effective at attracting people towards their ads.But what will happen if superheroes are used in ads in the place of these celebrities. I think this would the most interesting ads anybody ever seen. Just imagine that if sponsors use superheroes like Hulk, Thor, Captain America etc in their ads, then which type of ads they will prefer for them. I think every superheroes have some special qualities and powers which should be used by ad companies. 

    1. Hulk,the most powerful superhero with superhuman strength and abilities if playing a role in LIFEBUOY ad in the place of that boy playing football, then how that ad will look like?

    "Lifebuoy hai jahan tandurusti hai wahan" would be the best ad for hulk. According to the Lifebuoy song, person will be healthy and fit if he or she uses Lifebuoy soap. So, according to my opinion no one is better than hulk to promote this ad as he is the most fit and so called "tandurust" among the other superheroes. This would be the most interesting ad if hulk was used in this ad. 

    2. Amazing Spider-man, another superhero and my favorite one with super strength and ability to cling to most surfaces using its wrist mounted device that he used to shoot spider webs.

    If he was used in advertisement, I think Dr.fixit ad would the best ad for him because to cling on surfaces he needs strong wall to keep from falling.

    Isliye 'Agar diwaaron ko silan aur daraaron se hai bachana, Toh Ghar banate samay… Pleaje Cement mein Dr.Fixit Ka LW plus milana.'

    To fix spider webs on  the walls it should be strong enough to hold that web and only spider man can be better for this ad as he knows what will happen if he will not able to fix his webs on the wall. He will fall off and get fractured. So, in my opinion he will be best suitable for Dr. Fixit ad. 

    3. Captain America, a super soldier who is smartest and handsome amongst the other superheroes.

    With his smartness he is surely best for the fair and handsome ad. This brand would the best brand for him. With his soldier activities how he maintains his fair look, he will show in this ad.
    After watching his ad of fair and handsome, everybody specially girls will surely call him "Hi handsome, Hi Handsome".

    4. Thor, god and superhero having supernatural power in his hammer. He is a super hero whose power is associated with thunder & lightning. He uses his lightning hammer for the protection of mankind.  

    Just imagine if he was a brand ambassador of Havells then how company will make their Mcb & Rccb ad with Thor. Just have a look at below ad:

    Thor will not get any shock because he is a superhero, his all power is because of lighting and thunder, but you are not a thor & will surely get a shock if you don't use mcb & rccb at your homes. This would be the best ad of Havells if they use Thor in their ads. This would be a little funny ad anybody have ever seen.

    5. Last but not the least, one of the favorite superhero of Indian kids of 90's, The Shaktimaan. He was different from above superheroes as they have super powerful and having some special god gifted qualities but Shaktimaan has received his powers from his gurus who trained and blessed him with yogic shakti. He was one of my favorite superhero.

    If shaktimaan is a brand ambassdor of Usha fans, then how they will make their commercial ad with him. I think they will make it in a following manner.
    We are aware of "Sorry Shaktimaan quotes" and company will use them as " Sorry don't waste it" quotes to promote its extra electricity saving fans with the help of him.

    Using superheros in ad will make them more interesting and eye catching for audience. Superheroes are loved by everybody. Everyone has one of the favorite superhero and they would love to see them every time whether it is a small trailer or a whole movie. So, in my opinion advertising with superheroes is nice and funny experience. 

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