Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Do not look weird in "Passport Photograph" with this simple Tips.

  • As much as they tell you not to smile, just forget about that and smile a little without flashing your teeth. 
  • Never forget to hold down your chin down for a softer and more fool-proof angle. 

  • Keep your hair fuss free. Comb it neatly and tuck behind your ears(unless you have big size ears).

  • Apply a small amount of foundation on your face and give it a finish with primer to look photo ready.

  • Use mascara for beautiful finish for your eye lashes. Use it a little to highlight your beautiful eye lashes.


  • Apply Kohl to define your eyes beautifully. With a touch of kohl your eyes will look extremely gorgeous in photograph.  

  • Finally apply tinted lip balm for softer and beautiful looking lips.

images via google.
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