Sunday, April 26, 2015

Crash the Pepsi IPL

Watching IPL with a glass full of pepsi is so much exciting. Pepsi add extra thrill and excitement in watching cricket in stadium or on television. Nothing would be better than enjoying cricket with your friends and family with a bottle of pepsi. Pepsi has added extra flavor to the the IPL. " Crash the Pepsi IPL" contest by Pepsi is a great opportunity for public. With this contest, any body can make their own ad and submit it to Pepsi. A heavyweight jury consisting of Ranbir Kapoor, Gautham Menon, Anuja Chauhan, Pritam and Ruchira Jaitly, Senior Director Marketing, PEPSICO INDIA will decide which ads will replace the official Pepsi ads during the matches.What are you waiting for, just go and make your own ad and win this exciting contest. 
Many of them had created their ads and I have watched every ad created by them. Some are funny,some are my favorite ones and others needs to be some better. But I appreciate their try and I am just sharing my opinion. 

Here are those ads which are my favorite:


Starting with one of the best ads. Who has created this ad has a great mind and superb thinking. I love the theme of this ad. This ad is showing that Pepsi is being there in every moment of your life, whether you are enjoying something or you are planning of your dreams. I love the voice of that girl who is creating extra effect to this ad. I think this ad is the most meaning full ad then other ads.


Here is another ad that comes in my favorite list. No faltu bakwaas in this ad, just few words-sidhi baat in this ad. I love the way they started their ad by defining life and added extra flavor to this ad with "Pepsi- Yeh pyas hai badi"                                           


One of the cute ad on my favorite list. Love the 3 friends playing hide and seek. The thing I liked about this ad is the fun we alwys enjoyed with our friends. Both boys were enjoyed pepsi and she was not aware of anything. Love the theme of the ad and the way they made this ad.

Some of the funny ads those are also in my favorite list: 


This ad always makes me laugh because everybody has one irritating friend in their friend list who is always there with you whether you like it or not. The way that guy was forcing his friend to drink Pepsi is just awesome and finally his friend drank it and enjoyed it.


Jingalala, funny and nice ad that make surely make you smile after watching it. This ad will surely make you laugh when you will see this jingalala person drinking Pepsi and enjoying every sip of it.


Please have a look at this ad this will make you laugh loudly, I promise. I appreciate the up loader of above ad and his team. Great work guys. How nicely they had shown that Pepsi can make you do anything.

Be a part of "Crash The Pepsi IPL" and enjoy the IPL with this contest. Don't wait, go and shoot your ad guys.

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