Saturday, April 25, 2015

Apna har din aise jiyo jaise ki aakhari ho- #CelebrateLifeAtIvy!

Everybody is busy in chasing success, luxurious life to live happy but they forget to enjoy every precious seconds of life. Why people earn money? Why they do hard work for success?  Because to live happy in future,but why not live it every single day? Who knows about future, nobody! So why can't we enjoy every moment of life. Happiness cannot be measured by anything. It resides in every moment of your life, just we have to feel it by our heart. Like Kolte Patil Developers feel that a good house is the best way to celebrate life every day and yes it is true. Everybody wants a good house where they can live happily with their family and it is one of the dream of mine to buy a beautiful house for my parents. This dream gives me a internal happiness, but I live in present and I always enjoy every moment of my life with my family. 

A new car or new television can give you a happiness of few mins or hours but to live happy everyday is totally depends upon you. People always plan for their future and only celebrate big occasions but why can't we enjoy this beautiful life which there with us in every second. Our life requires a balance and those people who balance their work, stress,joy and anger can live happily.
"Why to cry about past which has gone, 
why to worried about your future which has not arrived,
Just enjoy every moment of life and be happy."
I celebrate my each day and each moment with lots of happiness. I am happy now at this moment as I am going to share those things that make me happy every day. I love my family and they are everything for me. I feel happy when I talk to my parents and my sisters on the phone. It gives me happiness when I buy something for my parents from my blog earnings. People say that money cannot be able to buy happiness,but according to me this is not true. If you don't have the money it will limit your happiness because you will not able to take care of your basic needs. No one wants poverty and yes, money gives me happiness because it ensures me that my dear and near ones will lead a comfortable life if I have money. 

Many people say that happiness is to spend your time with your loved ones. Yes, it is true, but what will give you happiness is to do something for them and only money can help you in this situation. My parents had always struggled in their life and I want to gift them a life full of happiness where they will not be worried about anything in their  life. I am belong to a moderate class family, but we celebrate every day with so much joy. To be happy is not so hard, it can be earned from anything which is connected to your heart. Yes me and my family don't have a luxurious life but still we enjoy every moment whether it is taking lunch and dinner together or to go for a weekend outing, we celebrate each and every day of life by thanking god to give us so much beautiful life. 

I was writing this article and the whole weather of Bhilai changed due to earthquake in Nepal and very strong winds began to flow with thundering sound of cloud, me too experienced the earthquake and that experience gives me a lesson that nobody knows about how much life is left for them, so people live this life happily and enjoy every moment and most important live in present and make it beautiful.

"This video is created by me showing beautiful moments of my life."

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