Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Instant hair removal with some simple steps and get ready for the party

Worried about unwanted hairs on your legs and hands? Planning for party and not having time to go to salon for waxing. This will happens with every woman. But do not worried about this, just follow these tips to look smooth and shiny with some simple and instant steps.

You need:

1. Any razor,

2. Dove soap or Foaming Gel,

 3. Lukewarm water,


4. Your favorite Body Lotion.


1. Wash your hands and legs to remove oil and perspiration.
2. Soak your both hand and legs for 5 mins in lukewarm  water.
3. Apply dove soap or foaming gel on your hands first to shave it. Shaving gel helps to glide your razor easily on your skin and also avoid  missing spots.
4. Use your razor to remove your hairs. To avoid razor burn, try to shave in the direction of hairs and if you want remove more hairs in one stroke use it in opposite direction of hairs but only when you shave it easily and without exerting extra pressure.
5.Wash your razor after every use.
6. Do not apply pressure to shave your hairs. Just shave it easily.
7. Now apply foaming gel to legs and repeat above steps.
8. Make sure that your hairs are soft and wet so that it will be easy for you to shave it.
9. Once you finished your shaving, wash your hands and legs with warm water and pat dry. Do not rub your skin, just pat dry.
10. Lastly apply your favorite body lotion and enjoy your smooth skin and get ready for your party.

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