Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fabulous" white shirt"

The white shirt is my number one dress material for my wardrobe.White shirts are the most important dress materials among different types of dress materials used by people everyday.This garment fits everyone in every occasion. Irrespective of your age,height,size of your body or if you are a student,the white shirt gives you fabulous look. Everyone should have this garment in their wardrobe. White color is not a color in technical sense but if you use it with combination of different color,it reflects other colors very effectively. This is one of the few colors that can be worn at any occasion but you have to maintain its level of brightness and whiteness as it easily shows every dirt,spots and stains on it. White shirt tells people about your job and status in your society.

I like white shirt very much. Generally i use white shirt with black combination because it gives you best effects and remain stylish in every season. I have different types of white shirt because just one is not enough. Traditionally every men & women worn it because it create a wholesome impression on the others and also reflects goodness in you. Every girl should have this dress material in your wardrobe. 

I have a loose fitted and over sized white shirt which i used to wear with skin tight jeans to look fabulous. This look is best for summer season.
I have another  tailored fitted  white shirt which i used to wear with black skirt to give classic look.

Wearing over sized white shirt is trendy these days. I like them very much because they are easy to wear than fitting shirts and keep my body cool usually in summer season. Another reason of liking loose fitted white shirts is they look more decent than tight shirts.

How a white shirt adds to your appeal:-
  • White shirt fits everyone in every occasion.
  • You look fabulous wearing white shirt.
  • It reflects other colors nicely.
  • It creates a good impression on others and reflects your goodness.
  • Gives you classy look.
  • You look decent in white shirt.
  • You can use white shirt with different color combination.
  • Different types of white shirts are available in market depending on demand.
  • It can be worn with  anything or any type of color combination.
  • Use white shirt with sexy fitting jeans,wear heels with some beautiful accessories and you are ready.
White shirts combination
  • White shirt + jeans :

  • White shirt + shorts:

  •  White shirts + skirt:

  •  White shirt dresses:

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