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Technology changes in World Cup Cricket with its boon & bane


Cricket is continually changing over the years. Technology has changed many sports these days.It has made a great impact on sports specially on cricket. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. It has made our life easy & luxurious. With the advancement of cricket technology we are able to enjoy the cricket at home with all luxurious facilities. We are now updated with the facility of internet if we don't have TV. Now there are lots of apps are available in android platform to give us latest updates.

Change is the certain thing of the world. Everything changes with time, similarly Cricket World Cup has also made a number of changes from past years. Early days of cricket,umpire decision was the final decision  but now with the advancement of technology, DRS comes into exist in which Players are allowed to challenge decisions made by the on-field umpires, and have them referred to the TV official which has created thrill for viewers of TV and audience of stadium. 


New Technologies with its advantages:-

UDRS(The Umpire Decision Review System): It is a new technology used in international cricket in which each team is allowed to make unlimited successful or two unsuccessful review requests per innings during a match and ICC has made this UDRS mandatory in all international matches from the year 2011.
Technology used in UDRS:

  • Hot Spot: It is a infra red imaging system used to determine whether the ball has struck the bat,pad or batsman.


  • Hawk eye: It is a software system based on computer used in many sports. This software system is used to track the trajectory of ball. It is a superb tool for cricket to confirm umpire decisions. It is a part of DRS & used in LBW decisions.



  • Snickometer – When a ball hits the bat,sound is produced and this sound is pick up by very sensitive microphone located in one of the stumps. This technology gives information to audiences that whether the ball hit the bat or not.


Cameras with slow motion technology : This technology used to doubtful decisions like run outs, stumping and doubtful catches.


Players advance protective materials: Many players died accidentally with ball stuck on head because of cheap materials used in helmets, so better helmets and protective pads are now provided to players for better safety. Also new clothing has been designed for players which remove the sweat from body and players remain cooler in summer season.


Scoreboard on TVCricket broadcast with high quality scoreboard is result of another new technology. It is not that simple as looks. Lot of technology is used in making scoreboard for viewers to give proper statistics of batting and bowling.

    • Stump Camera -  It is a hidden camera inside the stump used to give the viewer an unique view.



    • Live commentaryWith the increasing craze and passion of viewers for cricket, the technology of live commentary has made a great contribution in cricket. Great Personality Amitabh Bachchan has also taken part in making live commentary of India & Pakistan in World Cup Match 2015.



    Disadntages of New Technology:
    Technology has its boon and bane because technology doesn't makes man but Man makes technology. So above technologies also have some fault and accuracies

    • UDRS has high percentage of inaccuracies. Saeed Ajmal, Pakistani baller has dissatisfication over DRS after 2011 World Cup Semi-finals. He was dissatisfy by deviation of ball showed by DRS is more than actual deviation. 
    • Hot-spot has some error in picking up touch of the ball between bat, pads or gloves.
    • UDRS technology is not 100% accurate. It has many inaccuracies so if we use technology in any  sports,it should be 100% accurate otherwise it will lead to controversies.
    • It has increased the number of controversies related to umpire decisions and umpiring.
    • BCCI President also not in favour of this DRS technology because of its error.
    • DRS allow only 2 unsucessful review per innings of a test which is not in favour of players.
    • This appealing system has made matches long enough and people have to give so much time for one match.
    • This technology is very expensive to use and less affordable.
    • Hot spot technology is very much expensive and cost to set up 2 cameras is 5000$ per day which is huge amount.
    Other Disadvantages:
    • People spend so much time in front of TV.

    • Cricket has become passion among male generation. Mens are so much passionate about this game that they spoil their whole day in watching match and neglect important work.
    • Teenagers are so much involve in watching cricket that they neglect their studies. During World Cup they are seen talking so much about cricket. Even female are so much crazy about cricketers that they watch match only for their favourite cricketers like Dhoni & Virat.

    • People are becoming lazy because they spend so much time in watching TV,hence becoming health unconscious.



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