Saturday, March 7, 2015

My mother-A gift of god to me


"The most beautiful creature of god is - WOMEN". On this earth she is the only one creature who plays different roles in her life as a "Daughter", "Wife", "Daughter-in-law" and the most important role is "Mother"-  yes My mother who played all these roles beautifully and still she is playing it so nicely. She has given birth to me but i think she is gifted to me by god. Sometimes i thought how she struggled her whole life with so much patience as she was born in very educated and upper middle class family. She was married in very young age to a army person with traditional family and her whole life was changed totally after marriage as she was the youngest child of the her parents she even don't know how to make a cup of tea. 

My father is a army soldier so he didn't get time to spend with my mom & my  mom has to live alone with her 3 daughters in army quarters. My mother is a very talented women but her talent was buried somewhere after marriage. She is a excellent Sketcher, Beautiful Painter,Awesome Cloth designer, Singer and most important she is the best Cook. With so much qualities she don't get any chance to show her talent but she struggled for her talent and never accept failure. She started teaching Tailoring in Army Welfare Centre their she was awarded as best Trainee of Centre. 

Later when we 3 grew up, my elder sister used to start helping my mother and then she got some time for  her ambitions and with her efforts she got admission in Fashion Designing Institute. She used to go to classes by walking 3kms as we don't have any vehicle facility and finally she completed her Course with top rank and at that moment we feel so much proud for our mother. With her top rank fashion designing course Certificate she was selected as fashion designing Teacher in "Hawabagh Women's College, Jabalpur".
After retirement of my father from army he thought alot  for my mother talent and then he started fulfilling my mother wishes and he gifted a shop for my mother in 2005 with the name of "SAKHI LADIES BOUTIQUE". At that moment she was overwhelmed that finally she get a chance to show her talent and i am proud to say that my mother is so much talented that in 10years of her hard work she has done a great job. 

We 3 as a daughter of her always their with her to support in every stage of life.I salute my mom for her hard work because now she is 55years old and still have so much stamina to work for her ambitions, we will always thank god for gifting so much talented mother.
"My mother is my Smartest Women on earth in every way because every stage of her life teach us a great lesson"

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