Sunday, January 3, 2016

Get Fair Skin In 1 Week

Market is full of fairness products and we fail to choose the right product according to our skin requirements. Fair, beautiful & glowing skin is the dream of every person. Both men & women constantly searching for the fairness cream. If you are not getting desirable results from these fairness creams and lotions,then here are some natural tips from our mother nature to get your natural beauty with natural herbs.

1. Apply Potato Juice

Potato has amazing benefits for your skin. Take a thin slice of potato and apply it on your face. Let it stay for 20 mins. Wash your face with cold water. This juice will give you instant glowing effect on your skin. Applying daily will make your skin free from dark circles, blemish free, skin lightening, glowing skin, wrinkle free face and most importantly fair skin with natural glow. 
You can make your own fairness cream with 1tsp of cucumber juice,1tsp of potato juice and mix it with 2tbsp of aloe vera gel. Mix it well, till then you get texture like cream. Store this in any cream bottle in a refrigerator and use it 5-6 days, daily in morning & night before going to sleep.

2. Milk & Turmeric

Mix 1tsp of turmeric in 2tbsp of milk. Apply this on your face and let it be rest for 15 mins. Wash your face with cold water. You can  also mix besan with milk & turmeric for fairness pack, apply this paste on your face and let it rest till it become dry. Scrub your face after this paste dry and wash with cold water. Your skin will become smooth, soft and extra glowing.

3. Sandalwood powder, Rose water & Aloe Vera gel:  

Mix 1tsp of rose water & 1tbsp of aole vera ge in 2tbsp of sandalwood powder. Mix it well. Apply this paste on your face or let it store into refrigerator to use as fairness cream for night.

4.Tomato,Cucumber & Lemon juice with Aloe vera gel: 

Take tsp juice of tomato, cucumber,lemon and mix it with 2tbsp aloe vera gel. Mix it properly to get the texture of cream. Apply it as a fairness cream daily for best results.

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