Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Lose extra inches with this amazing body wrap

Body wraps are now a popular technique for weight loss. This can trim your body up-to few inches and you will look great in your favorite dress or jeans. This treatment can help you to reduce the appearance of cellulite and trim your thighs,tummy,buttocks and also tones your skin. You can make it yourself at home with some simple steps. There are plenty of herbs in our nature which can help you to detox your body and loss your extra weight. There are variety of methods available which can be easily applicable at home. Try one of these methods mentioned below and save thousands of dollars.

Scrub a day before wrapping:

Make your body scrub with coconut/ olive oil and some other ingredients:

You need:

  • Some essential oil( coconut oil/olive oil),
  • Sugar,
  • Aloe vera gel.

Mix above ingredients and apply this mixture all over the effected area. Rub that area with fingers and massage it well to remove dead cells. Use this treatment a day before wrapping your body to make your body ready for body wrap.

Note: Do not wrap your body after scrubbing. Do it next day of applying scrub. 


You need:
  • Cellulite gel
  • Plastic wrap/towel/bandage
1.Apply cellulite gel on your effected area and massage it well with your fingers. Now wrap that area with plastic wrap or towel to keep that area warm. Wrap it tightly for best results.

2.Lie down for 1 hour. Keep your body hydrated during this process by drinking 2-3 glass of water. You can lay down in bathtub or at the floor of your home but make sure to place an old bed-sheet or blanket before lying on floor or bed. 

3.Rinse with little warm water to clean that area. Rub and massage your skin as you rinse.

4.Pat your skin dry and wear some loose cloths to get fresh air to your skin pores.

You can use:

I will post some other home made wraps soon....& will also post my results with above wrapping.

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