Thursday, October 15, 2015

How to lose weight fast

Herbal life is a global nutrition company provides us nutrition, weight-management, energy and fitness program with world class personal care products that help us to maintain our healthy life. Herbal life weight loss program helps you to achieve your weight-loss goals in delicious way. This program gives you three nutrition plans:
1. Weight loss
2. Weight gain
3. Maintain weight

You can choose your program according to your need. For weight loss program, Herbal life offers you 2 delicious shakes with 1 meal option and you can buy it directly from Herbal life official website by becoming member of Herbal life. They also gives you business opportunity by sharing your results after losing weight using Herbal life products. Another option is to buy it from and get your favorite shake at your home.

1. Weight loss:- 2 shakes, Afresh drink with 1 meal

High quality protein shake comes in 3 delicious flavors:-
  • vanila,
  • chocolate,
  • mango.
Herbal life Afresh energy drink in 3 flavors:-

  • lemon,
  • elaichi,
  • ginger.

08:00 AM Breakfast- Do not skip your breakfast. Take healthy breakfast.

11:00 AM- Drink Herbal life shake with skimmed milk. 
                      Recipe- Put 1 glass of skimmed milk in mixer, add some ice cubes and 1 spoon full of your favorite shake powder and grind it well. Enjoy your healthy shake.

Eat fruits like apple, orange etc if you feel hungry.

02:00 PM Lunch- Eat healthy food like brown rice, dalia, soybean salad etc.

05:30 PM Evening- Drink Herbal life Afresh energy drink  rich in antioxidants instead of tea with high calories.
                       Recipe- Boil one cup of water. After boiling, pour it into cup and add one spoon of Afresh drink. Cover it for 5 minutes. Drink it and enjoy your tea time.

07:00 PM- Eat some fruits or take foods full of fibre but in very small quantity.

08:00 PM - Drink Herbal life high nutrition shake.


  • Take this diet for 3 months for 10-15 kg weight loss.
  • Exercise for better and fast results.
  • If you don't have time to go to gym for workout, try to go for walk in early morning.
  • Try to avoid sugar.
  • Avoid junk food,sweets or any unhealthy food.
  • Do yoga at home.
  • Maintain healthy lifestyle.

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