Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Simple tips can make your naills look healthy and shiny

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This is my another post for this campaign. After reading various useful articles from Rewardme. in, I am so excited to write my own article inspired by this wonderful website. My article is about simple caring tips for your nails which you can simply do at your home instead of going parlours and waste huge money.Nail care is an important part of your body because it not only improves your hand look,but also make you stay healthy and hygienic.
Use these tips to maintain the softness and healthiness of your nails:

1. Use proper cleanser: Always go for natural hand cleanser and avoid soap based cleanser contains harsh chemicals.

2. Avoid hot/ cold water: Use lukewarm water  in a big bowl and add some few drops of glycerin into it, now place your hand inside the water for 5-10mins. This will turn your hard nails into smooth ones and you will easily able to cut them according to your favorite shape.

3.Toothbrush for cleaning: Use your toothbrush to clean your nails properly.

4. Proper diet: Take food in your diet rich in protein, calcium, iron, vitamin B & c like milk, curd, green leafy vegetables, salad etc to make your nails look healthy .

5. Oils for massage: Oils are the great source of moisture for your nails. Massage your nails with mustard oil or coconut oil once in a week.

6. Stop Biting your nails: Biting your nails with teeth is bad for both your teeth and nails.

7. Do not cut your cuticles: Cuticles are important part of our body because they act as a barrier to control fungus and bacteria, so whenever you groom your nails, stay away from cuticles.

8. Allow your nails to breathe: Do not apply too much nail polish to your nails because sometimes they also need a break to breathe. Stay away from harsh chemicals and stay gorgeous.

I hope my article will be useful for my readers and this article is truely inspired by Rewardme.in- a wonderful site.

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