Sunday, July 5, 2015

Quick Tips To Fix Damaged hair

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Every woman wish to have beautiful shiny long hair because it is believe that beautiful hair adds some unique attraction to your whole personality. It is one of the best feature of every woman. We all love to have shiny hair but due to hectic life we will not able to maintain our hair care routine and thus results in damaged & dull hair. But after reading one of the beautiful article from  related to fix damaged hair, i was surprised to see that there are very useful articles to read from this wonderful site. Among the various articles of beauty tips including skin care, hair care & fashion tips, the article I liked most is:
Quick tips to fix damaged hair-

Market is full of hair products including different conditioners, serums, shampoos for giving you beautiful shiny long hair but still using all product will not able to maintain the healthiness of our hair but after reading above article from I was surprised to read that what we fail to do in our hair care routine. 
What I like about that article is that we use to style our hair with heat & chemicals but fail to understand that our hairs too need some break so they can also breathe for some time and stay healthy.
They had beautifully explained 5 steps of hair care routine to fix damaged hair:
1. Using clarifying shampoo: With regular use of harsh chemicals, creams gels etc., sometimes our hair needs some good cleaning by clarifying shampoo to remove any harsh residual left in your scalp and keep your hair look shiny & bouncy.
Direction of use: Once in a week is sufficient.

2. Something natural to try: Curling your hairs, shraightening & blow dryers can take your hair natural moisture and leave your hair dull and frizzy. So why don't you try something natural like braiding your hairs, fishtail braid or make braid before sleeping and wake up with beautiful waves to look pretty in natural look.

3. Deep Conditioning: To bring your hairs back to their life, we can use this treatment to revitalize our hairs & clean hair locks. Pantene
Damage Detox Weekly Rehab Creme is the best product to reduce your hair protein loss and removes all buildup from chemically treated hair to promote natural shine.

4. Minimum hair washing is advisable: Washing your hairs everyday is not a solution to get beautiful hairs. Daily wash can actually take off your essential oil of your hairs and lead to dryness & dullness. So why not give some break to your hairs, let them breathe for sometime. Sprinkle Pantene Pro V Nourished Shine shampoo on your hairs and see the magic.

5. Benefits of wide comb: Deal your damage hair with wide comb. Using rat tail comb or brush on damp hair cause snags and breakage. Do not forget to comb  your hair  gently & thoroughly with wide comb after every shower to get healthy, strong hair.

I loved this article very much as it gives lots of information regarding hair care and stay gorgeous in our day-to-day life.

With these amazing tips we can easily manage our damaged hair and will able to maintain our healthy hair care routine. is a wonderful site to read useful articles related to skin care, hair care, fashion, styling & much more. I really enjoyed after reading every single article of this website. I hope to get some more useful article like this on

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