Sunday, February 15, 2015

Vaseline total moisture(cocoa glow) review


Today, I am going to review Vaseline total moisture with cocoa glow. Read on more to find out about this lotion.

Rs.95 for 100ml
I am trying this product for the first time,that is why i am using smaller pack. Bigger packs are also available in market.


This body lotion is a very nice product. When I opened the lid for the first time, I was delighted by its beautiful fragrance. After applying it to my body,I am completely satisfied with this lotion. Vaseline total moisture lotion comes in a light chocolate colour bottle with a flip-top lid.It gets absorbed very easily when you rub it on your skin. The texture is very smooth neither thick nor runny.When I apply it on my skin it leaves my skin feeling soft and glowing.This lotion is for 24 hour nourishing formula but i have to apply it on 2 times a day in winter.The fragrance is awesome feels like i am eating butter scotch ice cream.

Texture of  Lotion:

Direction for use: 
Apply daily 2 times a day in morning after your bath and at bedtime for overnight moisturization.

What i like about Vaseline total moisture(cocoa glow):
  • It doesn’t feel greasy or sticky.
  • Texture is smooth neither thick nor runny. 
  • The Fragrance is awesome and doesn’t irritate.
  • Easily available in all local cosmetics and general stores.
  • It is affordable.
What i dislike about Vaseline total moisture(cocoa glow):
  • It doesn’t work on super dry skin.
  • The scent fades in little time.

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