Friday, February 13, 2015



In makeup,muted browns,light beige and flesh toned colors all fall in the nude shade category. They're great for day wear and also balance out heavy eye makeup, like the classic smoky eyes.But if the rest of your makeup is simple, a nude pout will only make the look even duller. Nudes are essential for contouring the eyes and face for a more defined look and this can't ever be done with pop colors. A nude mouth with a hint of gloss can make your lips look voluptuous. But more often than not, nudes tend to look boring and lifeless.

Nude colors work well on the lips and complement heavily done up eyes and face.
To put it in simple words,nude colors are very static and boring.


What's makeup without a little bit of color? Pop colors reminiscent of the crazy '90s, are back with a bang and here to stay. From bohemian to high-end fashion looks,pop lips,nails and eyes are all the rage at the moment. From canary yellows and blues to bright oranges and fuchsia- you can pick and choose as you wish. Matte textures work well, as a glossy finish will make you look garish. Make sure to never combine a pop pout and eyes!
The only trouble with pop colors is that you will need to try and test a few colors before you nail that perfect shade for you. Also,pops have more color pigments than nudes,which mean they tend to bleed and stain teeth quicker.

Pop colors are the best way to make eyes and lips standout.

 They have more color pigments and stain teeth easily.

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