Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Try different ways to wear Maxi dress this Summer

Girls, summer is here and it is the time to try something different that looks sexy and make you more comfortable to enjoy your day. Heat up your wardrobe with super sexy maxi dresses.

1. Be brighter, Be sexy:
Try beautiful bright colours like yellow, orange, pink etc. You will look glamorous in a bright coloured maxi dress. These colours are ideal for summer to make you feel cool during all day.

2. Printed Maxi Dress :
Prints are in trends, you can add some spice to your daily look and give it a try this summer. There are different prints available in the market. You can wear any abstract prints, digital prints etc but be careful to wear small prints if you are curvy.

3. Belt for slimmer waist:
If you are worried about your curvy waist and hesitate to wear maxi dress than don't worry about it! Now you can belt your maxi dress to look slimmer and more sexier.

4. Pair with your favorite jacket:
You can smartly wear your favorite jacket with your maxi dress to look extra ordinary this summer.

5. Go for ankle length:
This looks wonders if you accesorize your looks with pumps or boots.

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