Sunday, February 28, 2016

Natural Makeup Tutorial For Men

Even celebrities hide their pimples, dark circles, blemishes with makeup. Now man can also hide their  blemishes in few mins and look super cool like Ranbir Kapoor.

Wash, Scrub & Moisturize your Face: Wash your face with nice cleanser and scrub to remove dead cells from your face. Softly dab your face dry and you're done. Make sure to have a separate towel for your face. Now apply moisturizer all over starting from your face to neck for soft, supple skin.

Follow these simple makeup hacks to look naturally smart like celebrities.

1)Apply concealer to hide blemishes on your face. Make sure to hide your pimples, dark patches with concealer. Dab the concealer with a clean finger, sponge or brush and gently blend out until it completely gets absorbed your skin.

2)Apply BB cream: Get a small amount of BB cream onto the palm of your hand. Start with your eyes, apply few dots around your eye corners and gently smooth it with your fingers. Now similarly work on other areas.Apply dots on other areas like forehead, nose, chin, two cheeks one by one and get smooth, flawless skin in less than few minutes.

3)Remove excess makeup: Use sponge or cotton balls to remove excess makeup from eyebrows and lips.

4)Apply lip balm: For soft and pink lips, apply lip balm and you're done. 

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