Friday, September 18, 2015

Hair care routine for men

No more frizzy hairs guys, just follow this quick remedy and your dry & frizzy hair will become healthy and shinning.

1. Wash your hair:

For frizz free hair, choose hydrating shampoo's with moisturizing ingredients.

2. Conditoning:

Do not forget to apply conditioner after every wash. Apply on wet hair, leave it for some minutes and wash it off with water.

3. Dry your hairs:

Use towel to dab your hair dry and remove excess water from your hairs instead of toweling your hairs.

4. Apply serum + almond oil:

This will make your hairs extremely healthy and shinning. Just a few drops of serum and almond oil in your palm and apply it all over your wet hairs. Say bye bye to frizzy hair with this awesome trick.

5. Style your hair:

Use your favorite hair brush and style your hairs and you are done.

Results after using above steps:

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