Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Greasy hair is one of the major problem of every woman. It is tough for us to keep it from getting greasy and we will end up with washing our hairs every alternate day which is not good for our hairs. Daily wash can damage your hair and results in many hair problem issues. So it is a better to wash your hairs every 2,3 days not daily. 
Here is a simple solution for your greasy hairs which can give you instant results without washing your hairs and without damaging your hairs.

Items you need:

  • Baby Powder

  • Comb/Paddle Brush

  • Detangle your hairs with your comb easily with patience or you can use your fingers for smoother process.

  • Take small amount of baby powder and apply it on your greasy hair roots with fingers and massage it well. Apply it nicely section by section. 

  • Now use your fingers and massage all over to remove any white spot of baby powder, after you finished mixing, you will see the magic of baby powder. Your hair will look fresh and it will add volume to your hairs.

  • Pick up your favorite hair style and enjoy your day.

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