Monday, August 31, 2015

5 Natural alternatives to shaving cream

Shaving cream is now very important part of your daily life whether you are a woman or man. It is frustrating when it suddenly runs out, and you don't know  what to use as alternative to shaving cream. But this is not a big issue if you are at home, just checkout the following things in your home to use as a alternative to shaving cream. You will surprised to see the results after using these products as it will give you smooth and glowing skin in no time with saving a bundle of your money.The most important thing about these product is that they are natural and free from harsh chemicals which will leave your skin as a soft glowing skin.

Aloe Vera Gel: 
Take small amount of aloe vera gel on your palm and apply it to your legs as a shaving cream. Now use your razor to shave your legs. Aloe vera is a miracle plant with lots of amazing benefits. It has healing properties and will heal small cuts during shaving. Your skin will look glowing and moisturize after using this amazing gel as a shaving cream.

Olive Oil:    
Olive oil is rich in vitamin A and E, thus hydrates your skin and maintains softness of your skin. Take a small amount of olive oil and apply it on your wet face or legs,then shave with your favorite razor. Shaving can make your skin dry, but using olive oil as a shaving cream, you will not end up with dry skin. It will moisturize your skin and make you to look younger.

Coconut oil:
Are you suffering from from dry,itching skin after shaving your skin? If yes, then do not worry, coconut oil will heal your shaving problems. It will lubricate your skin so that your razor will work easily, moisturize your skin, protect your skin and most important it will heal and repair your skin.

Honey has the ability to absorb and retain moisture and thus helps in keeping your skin well hydrated. It also has antibacterial properties which helps your skin protected from any bacterial infection. Mix honey in warm water for better consistency and apply it on your shaving area. Now use your favorite razor and shave easily. Your skin will look smooth and shinning after shaving your skin.

Baby oil moisturizes sensitive skin and reduces the risk of rashes and cuts during shaving. It allows your razor to glide easily over your skin, preventing razor burn and cuts. Wash your legs with warm water to smooth your hairs. Now take one tablespoon of baby oil in your palm and apply it on your legs and use your favorite razor to shave your legs. Your skin will look smooth and shiny after shaving using baby oil as a shaving cream.

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