Tuesday, May 26, 2015


  • Make a list of important things you want to take with you and start your packing according to that list.
  • Always pack an extra pair of clothes in your back pack to take care of any delay in your flight/train.
  • Make sure that you wear according to season of your travel to look flawless and have a comfortable journey.
  • Make sure to pack your phone charger, earphones,ticket etc and all those things which will come into use repeatedly at one place.
  • Travel with minimum luggage to keep your travel enjoyable and light.
  • Make sure not to overload your back pack otherwise you will have to face shoulder pain and back pain during your journey.
  • Have a medical checkup before planning to travel somewhere and if you are fit, make sure to pack all important medicines like pain killers, antiseptic, antibiotics with doctor prescription to stay fit during your traveling.
  • Avoid taking bundles of cash, instead of that try to use your credit card or traveler's cheques.
  • Make a pocket inside your clothes to carry money and other valuable things safely.
  • Make sure to keep your tickets,passport & ID proof documents in your purse.
  • Stick a slip with your name and address inside and outside of your luggage in case of missing or stolen.
  • Carry some extra passport sized photos and some photocopies of important documents for emergency use.


  • Leave home 1hr before your flight/train to reach airport/station at least 20mins before the arrival of your flight/train.
  • Avoid talking on your cellphone while traveling in taxi/cab, it will disclose all your personal information to the stranger driving your taxi.
  • Tell your good neighbors before leaving for airport/station so that they can take care of your home.
  • Always inform your parents and loved ones before planning your trip. Consult with elders and than finalize your trip.
  • Charge your cellphone,tablet & laptop to be in touch with your loved ones.
  • Give your flight/train details to your loved ones so that they can track your status and be in your touch.


  •  Avoid telling your personal details to any strangers during your travel
  • Lock your luggage if you are traveling in train or check your lock before check-in at airport.
  • Inform your loved one if any delay in your flight/train.
  • Do not show large of amount of money while purchasing something at airport/station.
  • Do not disclose your personal details to anyone.

Have all these things in your mind and travel safely and smartly.

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