Monday, March 23, 2015

Memory Card Options For Indian Consumer

In today's  market,there are different types of storage mediums are available. Memorycards are one of them. These memory cards are the smaller storage medium used in different  electronic devices like cellphones, digital cameras or small electronic devices. 

They are sometimes called flash memorycards because flash memory is non-volatile in nature, it means you will not lose data stored in memory card if you removed it from the device and you can also erase the data stored in card or format the whole data. So, they are very useful can be reused or reformatted.
For buying a memory card, first you have to consider its price, compatibility and capacity. Every device has its own storage capacity, like some devices will support up to specific size and specific type of memory cards. So, it is very important that to know everything about your device to purchase right & suitable memory card that will work on your device.
There are a number of memory cards are available in market. These are of varying size and storage capacity. SD card(secure digital card) is is one of the popular card available in market for android & windows users. Other cards are MicroSD card, SmartMedia card, xD Picture Card,  Comapct Flash card, Memory stick and MultiMediaCard. 

Types of Memory cards:-

SD Cards:-SD cards are very smaller in size and generally used in smaller devices like mobile phones and MP3 players. These cards are now become the most used options in digital world. It can boost your mobile storage by giving extra storage to store your pictures, apps,videos & recordings. They are available as Mini SD or Micro SD cards.SD cards are available in different sizes.

Compact Flash(CF) cards:-These cards are used in digital cameras & MP3 players. They are available in variations of type1 and type2.

Memory Stick:-These cards are invented by Sony to provide a nice storage to their products and the first Memory stick design had a storage of only 128MB.They are used in many devices and provide great versatility.

Smart Media cards:-These cards like CF cards, earlier used in digital cameras with storage capacity of only 128MB.

xD Picture Card:-These cards were invented by Olympus and Fujifilm to use in digital cameras. These are designed for photography products to increase the storage of cameras from 8MB to 2GB.

Memory cards Choices for Indian Customers:-
SD cards are the most popular and common cards used by everyone. These cards are easily available in market with different storage capacity depending upon customers demand. So before buying a memory card for your cell phones,game devices or digital cameras, you have to know exactly what type of memory card is compatible to your device. To record HD memories , go for large capacity memorycards. Take care of your memory cards.
Different types of cards are easily available in online market at very reasonable prices, just type memory cards in search box and get the choice of your memory card. Make sure to read all the product specification before buying and its key features.

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