Thursday, January 15, 2015

Winter Shaving

Exercise certain precautions while shaving in the winter, so the skin remains soft and healthy.

Best Razor:

  • Today different types of razors are available in market for men and women, regular razors for men while triple action blade with moisturizing ability or electronic razors are available for both men & women.
  • Cheap or low cost razors causes skin problems like skin burns or cuts. Those razors with moisturizing strips provide better protection to your skin.
  • For shaving in winter, use  skin lotion, alcohol free shaving gel or foam and use lukewarm water for further purpose.

Before shaving:

  • Used blade pulls your hair and causes ingrown hair problem. So use new or good quality blade for smooth shaving. Dip your razor in antiseptic lotion mixed with water before using it, as it provide protection from bacterial infection to your skin.
  • If you are giving too much pressure with razor on your skin while shaving it means that you should change the blade of your razor.
  • If case you use regular razor blade or electric razor then instead of using soaps lather, apply shaving cream and leave it for 3-4 mins, it will result in smooth hair growth next time.
  • Only using soaps lather for shaving will result in rashes,skin burns or ingrown hair problem. For smooth shaving ,apply hair conditioner on shaving area for sometime and leave it for some mins for better results.

During Shaving:

  • With one of your hand stretch the skin tightly & with your other hand shave gently with low pressure. Do not shave your arms as it will result in ingrown hairs problem,so use any other technique for hair removal.
  • It is recommended to shave in the direction of hair growth with disposable razors but for better results shave in opposite direction of your hair growth and use this technique only when you are using shaving gel or shaving creams because if you will not do this you have to face skin problems ingrown hair growth or skin irritation.
  • Electric razors has given different instructions for use. Results of shaving with these razors are different for every women,either it suits your skin or result in dryness of your skin.
  • When shaving your legs hold your razor in 30* angle with prolonged stress for shaving. In winter apply rich moisturizing body wash on your shaving area before shaving and not forget to use moisturizing lotion after shaving.
  • When shaving your bikini area try to take extra care of your sensitive skin in winter. Use popup trimmer for smooth effect after shaving.
  • If you want to shave more than one place at a time, then first apply shaving gel or foam at shaving areas. This foam or gel will moisturize your other areas while shaving different area.

After Shaving:

  • Apply dry skin lotion continuously for some weeks. It will protect your skin from irritation or any type of skin problem and your skin will remain smooth & healthy.
  • Skin problems like itching occurs at your bikini areas after 2 days of shaving. So use ice cubes just after shaving your bikini areas.
  • Apply vitamin e oil or baby oil after shaving.
  • You can also use apply baby powder after shaving.
  • Best option is to use aloevera gel to give cool effect to your skin.
  • Use loose pants or dresses for bikini areas to avoid ingrown hairs.

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