Sunday, January 25, 2015


BANGS ( Edgy and Stylish):


When Tv star Kim Kardashian tweeted a picture of hers with bangs, it became an online sensation and salons around the world were flooded with people wanting to snip their hair. Hers turned out to be detachable ones though,according to a later tweet.
Bangs are very geometric and usually create an optical illusion to trick the eye into seeing the face as more oval shaped. They take years off our face,especially when those uninvited lines start showing up on your forehead. Bangs are also a great way to hide a large forehead; they divert attention to your eyes and lips. An experienced hair stylist will be able to give you the style that best suits the shape of your face. Bangs work best on straight hair, as those with curly or wavy hair can't wear this style and will have to chemically straighten the front section or use a straightening iron regularly. Also, your hair grows about half -inch per month,which means you'll need to trim them once every three weeks.

Its a sexy trend that will change your look drastically.

Its high maintenance and not for those with frizzy hair.

LAYERS(Soft and Glamorous)

A haircut with layers highlights your cheekbones like that perfect shade of blush. A layered cut accentuates your cheekbones and adds fullness to a long,thin face. If you have fine hair that lacks volume and body,adding layers through the crown area will give your hair lift and the illusion of added volume. Of course, you may have to spend a little time with the blow dryer to achieve that high  volume. If you have really curly hair,then a layered hairstyle will reduce the volume. It takes a classically pretty face to carry off a blunt,all one length cut. But layered hair is more forgiving and looks good on a variety of face shapes. Strategically placed layers can also hide facial flaws such as a large nose or a broad face. Unless you have a wavy texture, a layered hair cut will require a considerable amount of styling for it to be visible. An annoying thing about layers is that it's difficult to keep them off your face and require bobby pins to hold them in place.

 Layers give your hair a natural and beautiful movement.
Ponytails don't look good if you have layers because of the varying lengths.
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