Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Make up tips

When the summer months roll around, we look forward to wearing less makeup.. 

Useful Make up tips:

Makeup melts not just because of heat and sweat, but because of oil. Your skin produces more oil in the summer months, so be sure to grab an oil-preventing cleanser and blot before you apply. Apply foundation only where you need it – and if you can, skip it altogether! Especially in the summer, do not over-apply.


Try using a clay mask once a week to reduce your skin’s oil production.

If you can’t skip foundation, use a primer first, and then apply the foundation with your fingertips.  This will warm it up and when you hit the summer sun, it won’t be such a shock.Set with translucent powder.

Use an eye-shadow primer - it helps keep your color vibrant and keep it from sliding or creasing.Cream and pressed powder eye-shadows are best because they’re less likely to move.  Silicone-based are also good choices.

Heat up lash curler to really curl them – but do it carefully! 

Dust a translucent powder over your lashes (with eyes closed), then apply mascara.  It’ll cling to the powder and last longer, your lashes looking fuller at the same time.

Water-resistant is better than waterproof, as it’s less harsh.  Test a mascara in the shower to see how it holds up to the hot water. If it passes, you’re good to go in the summer heat!

Use a lip stain rather than a lip gloss or lipstick, it has better staying power and looks most natural.

If you want to use lipstick, try applying foundation to your lips first. It will create a base and help it stay.

Keep a makeup sponge in your bag: so that you can smooth away any creases that develop.  Then set the makeup with a light dusting of powder.

Also keep blotting papers with you for any oil that develops – be sure to blot, not rub! 
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