Friday, July 24, 2015

11 Celebrity Beard Styles for Men in 2015

When the question comes to impress a lady or draw attention of someone towards you, beard plays a key role in attracting everyone's attention. Beard has its own advantages including health benefits and fashion statement. Today beards are trending in fashion. Guys started growing beards like their favorite Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities. But do you actually know about the benefits of growing beards. Here I can tell you about the advantages of having beards:

1. No need of moisturizer -
Beards are the natural moisturizer for your skin and protect your skin from dryness, it keeps cold air stay out and protect the moisturizing level of your skin.

2. Stay away from infections-
Do not worry about  infections, in-growths and folliculitis if you are a bearded men. Stay healthy and infection free with a beard.

3. Prevent Skin Cancer and reduce Allergies-
Beard can protect your skin from harmful UV rays which causes skin cancer and also work as a filter to prevent your skin from any type of allergies.

4. Stay Young and Attractive-
Beard can make you look younger and attractive and draws attention of beautiful ladies towards you.

After reading so much positive things about beards, so why can't you try one of the latest trending beard styles of celebrities to enhance your smartness and stay healthy. Here are some trending beard styles you can try this season:

1. Chris Evans

2.Johnny Depp

3.Robert Downey Jr.

4.Virat Kohli

5.David Beckham

6. Brad Pitt

7.Dwayne Johnson

8. Robert Pattinson

9. Daniel Bryan

10.Bradley Cooper

11.Chris Pratt


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Thanx Alexis Florex for your precious tip.